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Road Accident

OPINION |Two things witchcraft people do if they fail to kill

We know that people who practice witchcraft they use traditional medicine (Umuthi) to kill you but when the do fail to kill you while they using those things when they usually try this .

Remember when they fail to kill you when they use the Umuti to kill you and then use two of these things to get you out of their way even if they kill you.

1. They use poison, people who kill people once they fail to kill they use poison, they will tell you out they buy someone to.poison you or they sell you by putting you Isichitho because once they put you Isichitho people will hate you for no reason some even to kill you.

2. they weaken you when you get in a car accident, witches when they fail to bewitch you with all these things they use they bewitch you and you get a car accident when they usually succeed.

If you know that there are people who practice witchcraft, you must make sure that you pray for these things not to happen because they are being used by people who practice witchcraft.

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