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Witchcraft Is Real See What Was Spotted In The Bush Today

Now that we living in times wereby almost each n everyone of us know of someone who died by committing suicide and killing themselves in many other various ways and they deaths still live us with many unanswered questions such as what went wrong, Could it be witchcraft or not or how deep was the deceased problem which even drove them to a point of ending their lives.

Well according to what has been recently spotted at the bush near berry farm proof that some people actually hang themselves because of witchcraft has been exposed and one will be very shocked to see how it all works however (see the pic am reffering to below)

According to my Source:, The act of hanging that dead chicken as well as a pic of the target and nails and a little bit of muti means that once the victims encounter some problems they shall they shall start having some ideas of committing suicide and entertain it until they attempt it and the worst happens.

Looking at this pic one can say that the lady was sort of lucky that such has been spotted meaning that it won't work for it will surely destroyed and sort of drive her deep into prayer, But then be that as it may have a look at what mzansi people has come out and said regarding this situation (read the screenshoots attached below)

So now with all this being said and you looking at this entire situation from your own perspective as an individual what is it that you have to say? Would you suggest that people should start searching the bushes for such and destroy the before its too late? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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