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Worship Is In The Heart, Has Been A Common Saying, Check To Know If God Desires Purity Of The Body

"I implore you, brethren, by God's mercies, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, which is your proper worship." Romans 12:1

Read: 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 

God's heart is obvious in today's memory verse's exhortation. God's goodness and dedication to our well-being exceeds our wildest dreams. Can you believe that, after paying the ultimate price for our salvation, He is still begging with those of us who are His to keep our bodies for our own sake? He begs us, even though it is in our best interests.

To begin with, anyone who claims to be having a good time while smoking cigarettes or doing heavy narcotics is lying. Such a person is splintering apart from the inside out. In the same way, the alcoholic is systematically ruining and shortening his life. What about adulterers and fornicators?

Sexual immoralities such as premarital sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and other forms of sexual immorality are the main routes for HIV infection. Presenting your body as a living sacrifice entails foregoing fashion and pleasures that are incompatible with the methods of the kingdom to which you belong. This includes refraining from committing such heinous acts as displaying your body in fashionable clothing.

If the believer's body is the temple of God, and God is holy, how can a child of God expect to be filled with the Holy Spirit while continuing to engage in bad habits? Someone must be misleading themselves in some way. We must not grieve the Holy Spirit, according to the Bible (Ephesians 4:30). What other ways may the Holy Spirit be upset if not by making His abode uninhabitable for Him to dwell in?

Isn't it true that those who desecrate His temple (our bodies) are begging Him (the Holy Spirit) to leave?

Taking care of our bodies entails giving it the proper foods – wholesome food rather than junk food, which produces fat – and eating the right amount of food at the right time (the Bible condemns excess). Drinks must also be non-alcoholic and nicotine-free. Feed yourself spiritually by reading God's word. Furthermore, treat the body with natural means of renewing it, such as sleeping moderately and not promoting sleep with medicines.

Also, make proper use of your body. It is admirable to work hard, but one must also learn to rest well. In no way, shape, or form, utilize your body for immorality. Learn not to pamper your body either; it may crave things that would bring God's anger upon it, and it is your responsibility to refuse it such things. Because God's power is now in you through Christ, you can do all of these things. God isn't asking you to do anything you can't.

God is concerned with the purity of theheart as much as the body.

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