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"This Lady Was Exceptionally Created" - People Can't Stop Admiring Her (Photos)

God formed us in a variety of shapes and sizes; some individuals are dwarfs, some are tall, some are huge, and some are skinny, all according to his will. God has a reason for making each of us in the manner in which he has; it is not because he prefers one person over another that he chose to create some people dwarfs and others giants. 

Upon discovering this lady's photographs, I was compelled to exalt God's name in recognition of the wonderful way he has made her. Her height makes her stand out from the crowd, and I have never before seen an African lady who is both extraordinarily tall and stunningly gorgeous in the same frame as this one. 

This lady should marry a man of average height rather than a man who is as tall as she is, because otherwise they will have offspring who may be much taller than they are themselves. In fact, because of her incredible height, she makes everyone who stands next her appear to be a dwarf in comparison to her.

The reality of life is that you cannot have everything to yourself; either you are tall and hence unattractive, or you are small and therefore attractive. It is impossible to find someone who possesses all of the necessary characteristics at the same time. We are all diverse in terms of our sizes, weights, colors, heights, physical appearances, and even our conduct and emotions. 

Never look down on yourself, no matter how you were made, because in this life, everyone is in the middle of the spectrum. Be confident in your physical appearance; everyone is beautiful, and we all have our own uniqueness, no matter how small it may be. Never let what others say about you get to you down; instead, always stand up for yourself. 

Can you imagine getting married to a lady this tall? We value your feedback and consider it valuable.

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