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Spiritual prophesy comes in a form of overthinking

Spiritual prophecy is a religiously gifted person, who is gifted to prophesy. They also use a Bible to do a reading, some water, some cards, candles etc

There is prophecy that doesn't require training and one that requires training. Training consists of lots of praying, cleansing physically, meditation to humble one's thoughts, strict diet, fasting, no contact with the outside world (no cellphones).

bible studies, taught hymns,preaching, holy water and herbs, connecting with nature , dressing appropriately.taught Dream interpretations,how to be a run to person in your community and to consult with what spirit requires you to prophesy with.

Spiritual prophecy requires one to be clean mentally, physically and emotionally in order to connect and always be aligned. Messages won't be able to come in if one isn't aligned properly. Understand that dreams and visions can't find home in a clustered temple. 

One of the best known church that assists greatly in spiritual prophecy is Apostolic church. Blue and white uniform though they accommodate every other colour after that. 

Spiritual prophesy Comes in a form of over thinking, body shivers, emotional feelings from nowhere 😢, being a loner. body attracts other people's illnesses and complaints .

8 most important things of spiritual guides


Candle 🕯 






You cannot appease spiritual guides without going to church. 


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