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Rest in Peace Emmulate Chakara || Nobody imagined that your prayer and fasting would end this way

Prayer and fasting are some of the Christian practices that contribute to their spiritual growth. Nobody anticipated that the session of prayer and fasting for Emmulate Chikara would end with him being carried in a body bag. May his soul rest in peace .

In accordance with the media report , the 43 year old was found deceased when he was at a mountain in Murewa , Zimbabwe . He was in the midst of a week long prayer and fasting season when he lost his life .The sad report that was provided claimed that Emmulate was found deceased by a villager who had gone to relieve him .It was alleged that the deceased's cause of death was hunger .

A report claimed that the deceased and a villager named Tineyi Kachiri decided to visit the foot of a mountain in Murewa for a season of prayer and fasting on the 27th of July 2022. It was claimed that the deceased informed Tineyi that he wanted to disembark from the mountain after two days , but the later insisted otherwise citing that it was late.

The two decided decided to sleep on the mountain, but when Tineyi woke up, the deceased was nowhere near him. The deceased did not return the following morning, forcing Tineyi to report the matter to the village. The deceased's body was only discovered on the 2nd of August 2022 , and the postmortem revealed that he had died because of low sugar in his body .

This is an example of tragedy that could have been avoided. The two should have gone home when the deceased wanted to . He couldn't take the fasting any longer , hence the need to go home and find some food to eat. It is sad that Emmulate died in the name of prayer and fasting .

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