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PRAYER: Lord, Scatter All My Enemies That Gather To Plan Evil Against Me

When I meet people who believe they have no enemies, I always find it amusing. You will have enemies as long as you live. If you believe you don't have enemies because you have nothing to envy, you haven't read Proverbs 14:20, which states that the poor is despised by his own neighbor. You must be joking if you believe you have no enemies because you are wealthy and successful. Many years ago, a first-class chief invited me to his palace, explaining that he didn't understand why he had so many enemies and asked if I could help him. I replied. Everyone wants to be number one, Your Majesty. Only a few people pray for the person in charge of the most important role. Thank God, because you have a God who never sleeps or slumbers watching over you while your foes plan at night.

Even though you have adversaries, I don't want you to be concerned about them since your God is greater than all of them combined. David said in Psalm 23:5:

“In the midst of my foes, thou preparest a banquet for me; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup overfloweth.”

God prepares your table in front of, not behind, your adversaries. The adversaries were present and alive, yet God rendered them immobile. They couldn't get close to David. This is due to David's mastery of the most powerful weapon against his foes: praises to God. Psalm 68:1 states in the Bible:

“Let God arise, and His foes scatter; let those who despise Him flee before Him.”

How can you get God to show up? Praise and worship are examples of this. According to Psalms 22:3, He dwells amid the praises of His people. To put it another way, if one of His offspring praises Him, He will rise up and stay with him. All of that fellow's opponents will scatter as He rises. That is why, before each service, I do not lead them in prayers to bind devils. Instead, I propose that someone yell Halleluyah. When God hears us shouting Halleluyah, He rises to come to our aid, scattering all of our foes. When three powerful foes came against Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:21-22, all he and his people had to do was worship God, and the enemies helped each other murder one another.

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