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Ramaphosa Promises to Attend Enyobeni Tavern Tragedy Mass Burial, But Ignores Marikana

Ramaphosa has promised to attend the mass funeral of the victims of the Enyobeni Tavern Tragedy. However, critics said that the president refused to visit Marikana till today, but he is interested in Enyobeni Tavern Tragedy. They noted that he should visit Marikana before paying visit to the families of the victims of Enyobeni Tavern Tragedy. Recall that 21 young people perished last Sunday at a tavern in Scenery Park in the Eastern Cape. The young people are said to have collapsed and died from an unknown substance that is said to have been in the air. The incident was described as a national tragedy, and the circumstances that led to their death is still being investigated. The survivors of the tragedy had shared different stories of what happened that fateful day. Many people are expected to attend the funeral that will be held in Eastern Cape Province where the unforgettable and unfortunate incident took place.

According to the information reaching Erapoetblog, many dignitaries are being expected. The president will be joined at the funeral service by the Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane and the provincial and local government leaders in comforting the families of the deceased youths. However, instead of commending the president for promising to attend the mass funeral, South Africans are turning into a brawl of criticism, urging the president to visit Marikana first, and apologize to the widows and families of the slain Marikana miners before going to Eastern Cape to attend the mass funeral. A social media user wrote, “He is accused of mass murder. How could you ever allow him to attend a funeral of this kind of murder? That's all he does, attending funerals. I wish one kid calls him out again, even on this one”. However, another person, Richard Spoor, urged him to attend saying that the families should give him hell. He wrote, “It will be a comfort to the families to know that the man who leads the party responsible for this disaster is present at their children’s funeral. I hope they give him hell”.


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