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The 6 Judgments God Has Given To Satan- It Is Finished For Lucifer

God pulverized all life and green from the start because of Satan' s spread of underhandedness; it was totally God' s domain. Monsters and ancient animals existed before the very beginning. God started the 6-day creation process once more after the debacle.

He made people in God' s picture, Adam and Eve, and allowed Adam sway. They were informed that they could eat any tree save the ones that contained information, great and wickedness, and life. With that comment, God conveyed an admonition, saying, " on the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt certainly kick the bucket" (Gen. 2: 17).

Presently, on account of the snake' s craftiness, Eve and Adam opposed God by eating from the tree. Satan was given control of the whole earth. Satan has turned into the expert and humankind has been decreased to a slave. This was a huge commitment to reimburse, and man was unequipped for doing as such.

Satan is the current leader of the earth, and he is known as the " sovereign of the force of the air" (John 12: 31; 2 Corinthians 4: 4; Ephesians 2: 2). He is likewise called as " the informer" (Revelation 12: 10), since he entices humankind to sin against God similarly that he enticed Adam and Eve to sin against God (Matthew 4: 3; 1Thessalonians 3: 5). He additionally misleads mankind with regards to reality, especially with regards to God (Genesis 3; 2 Corinthians 4: 4; Revelation 20: 3).

He deludes us about God' s character and aims, persuading fallen humankind that it can save itself without God' s help, and he utilizes his misdirection to isolate us from God and debilitate God in our eyes. The term " satan" in a real sense implies " opposer" or " enemy. " He' s otherwise called " Satan, " and that implies " slanderer" in English.

He isn't free, nonetheless, from God' s approaching judgment, which will happen on Earth when Jesus gets back to lay out His never-ending rule and send Satan and his cronies into the pool of fire that ignites with sulfur.

Satan is related with something like six decisions in the Bible, which are as per the following:

1. His Original Privileged Position In Heaven Was Revoked.

28: 16 Ezekiel

" because of your broad exchange, you were loaded up with viciousness, and you trespassed. So I ousted you, watchman seraph, from among the bursting stones, and I embarrassed you by driving you off God' s high position. "

He has been tossed to the earth and disallowed from truly getting back to Heaven since he is not generally perceived as an inhabitant or tenant of it.

2. He Will Be Judged For His Deception Of Adam And Eve.

( Genesis3: 14-15. )

" You are reviled over all cows and wild creatures! " the Lord God reviled the snake for what he had done. You' ll be creeping on your stomach and eating dust for the remainder of your life. Furthermore I' ll cause discord among you and the lady, as well as your posterity and hers; he' ll crush your head as you strike his heel. "

God reviled him, and until this age, he was bound to be mankind' s most obviously terrible adversary.

3. It Will Be Placed On The Calvary Cross (See John 12: 31. )

" Now is the ideal opportunity for the world to be judged; this is the ideal opportunity for the world' s ruler to be removed. "

Satan will be judged and tossed into the pool of fire when Jesus gets back to pass judgment on both the living and the dead in the wake of biting the dust on the cross because of our wrongdoings.

4. Satan Will Be banned From Heaven During The Tribulation Period. (See additionally Revelation 12: 13. )

" When the mythical beast found he' d been thrown to the ground, he set off to track down the mother of the male youngster. "

5. Satan Will Be Imprisoned In The Abyss At The End Of The Century.

(Fire up. 20: 2).

" He bound the mythical beast, that old snake known as Satan or Satan, for 1,000 years, " says the storyteller.

Satan will be detained for quite some time during Jesus' thousand years rule on the planet.

6. Toward the millennium's end, Satan Will Be Cast Into The Lake Of Fire For All Eternity.

(Fire up. 20: 10-12)

" Satan, alongside the monster and the misleading prophet, was flung into the pool of consuming sulfur, having misdirected them. " They will be tortured constantly for the other lives. "

Satan' s territory on this globe, as well as the standard of his misleading prophets and adherents, will reach a conclusion accordingly. It will introduce another period of magnificence and equity on earth with Jesus as the undisputed ruler.

As indicated by the Bible, a portion of these decisions have effectively happened, while others presently can't seem to happen. Be that as it may, as long as God lives, His statement of prediction will be satisfied, and all experiencing on this planet will reach a conclusion when Satan and his accomplices, who have tortured mankind for such a long time, are tossed into the pool of fire.


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