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No one in the world could ever convince me that God loves us all equally

Opinion: "No one in the world could ever convince me that God loves us all equally". This was a good question, as we see many people doing bad things ,however we do not see being punished by God.

Look at the world leaders who get away with genocides and massacres. Slavery where a human was equal to that of an animal lasted hundreds of years. And the slave masters just decided against the practice, not that the slaves won their freedom.God loves everyone equally but like any other parent, He is not pleased with us equally. To some He has to show some wrath and punish because the things they've done. And to some He has to lift up because of the good they've done.

Unfortunately sometimes life is unkind to some due to generational curses. Some ancestors failed to plant good trees and it's falling on their children, grandchildren etc. The sins of the parents shall fall on their children. Lineage karma

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