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Understanding the important and spiritual works of candles


Candle is a spiritual material that can be used in consulting spirits , the light of candle attracts spiritual brightness..

Many people see candle as a common thing without knowing its spiritual net worth, candle is very important in every purpose and can be used to do any spiritual sacrifice .

 There are many types of candle , we have white candle , yellow candle , green candle, red candle , blue candle and black candle ,each colour has its own power in spiritual world .

you can use candle to get favour from someone , you can use candle to scatter relationship .you can use candle to make peace with can use candle to end relationship . you can use candle to chase away evil people from your area.

you can use candle to collect money from people without being noticed you can use candle to do back to sender .you can use candle to block people's evil plans and many more .

Candle is very important for those that know its value , during spiritual consultation candle is used to attract the messenger spirit in order to give a clear message.

always be making use of candle , especially in spiritual sacrifice , it makes your spiritual work to have good effect.

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