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Man is Sh0cked And Couldn't Believe What His Pastor Told Him.

Following the news that his pastor delivered him, a middle-aged guy has become upset and has broken down in tears. The man stated that the preacher counseled him against marrying a woman with a disability as he told his experience.

However, he declined the pastor's request, stating that he was willing to help her with her troubles.

The man went on to say that what the pastor said surprised him. He asserts that "Peter, he continued, you have been obedient to God. And because you've been faithful, God won't be able to reward you because He doesn't want your marriage to appear to be a hardship. Even after explaining to him that she needed to be carried and that the wheelchair needed to be returned, he refused. That was a hardship to him "He went on to explain. They tied the knot and are currently on their honeymoon.

The pastor's statements caught him off guard, causing him to become upset. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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