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Cyril Ramaphosa talked at the UN the last night

Cyril Ramaphosa talked at the UN the last night

Date: 2021/09/22

Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to make shocking revelations at the white house this evening about South Africa at the United Nations meeting, he will tell them about the damage caused by reoccurring lockdowns and the number of people that have been arrested just to get a meal and be part of the working environment to build this country to greatness again. Using computers we can make this country better once more.

If Cyril was to give all the youth that is driven computers and make sure that they succeed and be part of the bigger picture of helping come out of mental health problems that keep on holding them back whilst they think are psychic.

The world is at where a lot of people might die from the global pandemic that is just killing people like animals daily, the best thing that can happen is for people to push to get vaccinated because their thoughts are just killing them slowly, cults and weird religious groups that taken advantage of the poor and needy promising them a better life and ways to maneuver in the crazy world but they are just going further to the grave without even seeing that.

Joe Budden was also at the United Nations spot in New York yesterday speaking of these things saying that Artificial intelligence should work to enhance the quality of life amongst Africans and the world, as a whole because machines and people can come to a common understanding and work together for a better life for all.

The future is uncertain but it can be better where humans do not have to race anymore but rather work for a better quality of life what will work for all of us rather than for the next person to act like they are better than the other.



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