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Extreme Blasphemy: Will God Ever Forgive This Lady for What She Said About Him?

Will God Ever Forgjve this lady for what she said about him on social media?

Well I dont know and I don't even think so,because what this lady has done is the highest level of blasphemy against the almighty.many people reacted to this kind of blasphemy that this woman committed.

This woman said that she did not choose to exists and it's not her responsibility to worship God almighty.and that she does not owe God this are the words that I have never heard from anyone kn the world.thia is pure wickedness.

I thought that maybe this lady is a devil worship,because the devil does not like God and so is his followers.The bible says that the fool says there is no God Kn his heart.well this ia the clear description of the blasphemy and it needs to be dealt with thoroughly.

How can a normal huma being says such words?this is totally bad,many people commented and told her that she needs to depend and receive jesus christ as his lord and saviour because she is clearly possessed.

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Extreme Blasphemy


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