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A video of Shepherd Bushiri doing something dangerous with his daughter: See pictures

Shepard Bushiri known as a very determined pastor from Malawi.

He founded and led a non-denominational Christian Charm Evangelical Church called Enlightened Christian Encounter, headquartered in South Africa. The church is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa, with branches in other African countries and around the world. Thousands of people are attracted to the church every day. He described the church as a prophetic ministry, based on the principle that "God cares about and loves people and wants to talk directly with them."

Bushiri also runs Shepherd Bushiri Investments, a global investment company headquartered in Thornton, near Johannesburg, and is interested in mining, real estate, airlines and other commercial enterprises.

According to Bushiri, he ventured into the business to support his family because he believed that the church should not support the family . In October 2020, Shepard and his wife Mary were arrested in South Africa on corruption charges . Skipping bail while fleeing the country, Bushiri was arrested in Malawi on November 18, 2020, but was released shortly thereafter.

Facebook reactions after seeing this:

"Absolutely amazing to see a father spending quality time with her daughter and instilling the importance of physical exercise and fitness!. Prophet you're an inspiration of what father's should be like and the role they need to play with their families. God bless you and your family, you are best family ever," says a Facebook follower

"Sunday 8th of August 2021

He has asked me to warn everyone especially those who thinks in their hearts and actions that there is no God, He is coming for them, identify yourself with God so that He can shield you and your family from this impending danger, the foundation of this world is about to be shaken by the one who lay it,

There is a plot currently going on

I see a situation where the forests become safer than the towns. *Let everyone return back to God praying the prayer of Mercy*

Isaiah 1:4

2 chronicle 34:25

Apostle TS Arokoyo," says a Facebook follower.

"It's amazing my granny,I know you are a of a kind in the whole wide world.i can never doubt you my child, because a dog can only give birth to a dog.the blood of my father and my mother, Shepherd Bushiri Major 1."

"This is exactly how the father want us to be in him. Fearless not shaken by what comes our way trusting that he will be able to catch us when we trip. To God be the Glory. Thank you . And God bless"


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