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The dark part of sacrifice and Anger in most relationships.

Many lost their lives and others behind bars while some living with regrets.

At some point when we take a look into the word of God we discover the very same routine or events caused by sacrifice and Anger.

It was God who sacrificed his only son because of love and it was God who destroyed the former world through the waters because of anger.

That tells us it's okay to sacrifice and it's okay to be angry because we all have our crazy self but at times people go astray and do really bad things that can change their lives completely.

Sacrifice in relationships

It's in our nature and it's normal to sacrifice for the people we love and value the most in our lives, I mean even God did it.

The dark part of it is over doing it, and sacrifice in most cases will make you feel like you own the person you are sacrificing for. It will create obsession and when the person you sacrificed for disappoints you, you fume and you burst.

My advice to people is that when you feel like you want to go an extra mile for your spouse or friend make sure you communicate with them and let them know that you sacrificed this so that they can get whatever you wanted to give them. This at the at the end of the day when they betray you or cheat you, you'll be able to maintain sanity.

Anger in relationships

Anger can come in different ways every day and all our lives we come across angry people and it's normal to be angry but remember God knew what anger does because he was once angry and destroyed the former world with waters, so he says in his word don't let the sunset while you are still angry.

Your partner might have cheated on you, or maybe you found them in bed together naked. That will make you angry especially if you love the person and you sacrificed alot for them.

My advice is leave the scene before you could do something bad, go home and find someone you can talk to immediately because if you don't then negative thoughts will begin to come to your mind and it will lead you to do bad things.

Remember what people did out there because of anger, you don't want to be next in line to regret the bad you did all your life.

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