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Astrology Divination


" We must all innerstand something about the moon: The prophet is advising people to learn the moon


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Rhadebelihle is now a popular prophet that is well-known by almost everyone around the world. His prophecies started as a joke a people really thought he was here to play but that was not the case.

People started believing him when he prophecied about the late Shona Ferguson but he did not clearly mentioned it and he said he was afraid to scare off the family.

In most cases, Rhadebelihle doesn't mislead people, he was said the internet would be shutdown and we will not be able to access it for a certain time and it happened as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram crashed last month.

People were in shock thinking maybe it was their cellphone.

According to Rhadebelihle," We must all innerstand something about the moon, innerstand that the Lunar Cycles has a impact on hue-man re-production, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate"

What do you think he meant when he said this?

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