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Your Potential: A Key To The Joy Of Men

"Then she came to the man of God and told him. And he said, Go, sell the oil, pay your loan, and live thou and the rest of thy children." 2 Kings 4:7

It is necessary for you to ascend because if you do not, some people will fall. A young child of about twelve years old was brought in to one of our Healing and Deliverance Services some time ago. This young man suffered from a mental disease as well as a slew of other ailments. However, a demonic spirit walked out of him during the service, and by the might of God, his mind returned to normal.

Now, consider this: if God's anointing had not manifested that day, no one knows what would have happened to that youngster, let alone thousands of others or countless millions around the world who are being helped by God's Power.

Beloved, your life's potential is crucial to wiping away people's tears. If Moses had not been Moses, Israel would have perished in Egypt. We may not all have the same level of responsibility, but the potential of your life might save a family, a state, a continent, a church assembly, or an entire generation.

As indicated in our anchor text, the pot of oil not only wiped the prophet's widow's tears, but also the tears of her children who were taken as bondmen (2 Kings 4:7). Moses' rod not only tore open the Red Sea, but also wiped the tears of three and a half million Jews by rescuing them from captivity (Exodus 14:21-31). That gift you have in your life is crucial in wiping away people's tears. Keep it in mind! That is why you must resolve to unleash everything God has placed within you.

You are not empty, beloved; there is something within you. So, put it out there and have an impact on your generation.

Make the most of your abilities for the sake of God's Kingdom and humanity. Refuse to hoard your potentials and believe that you are devoid of them. Make a request to God to help you see your potentials and empower you to release them. Demand the annihilation of all satanic spells that cover potentials.

Lord, please assist me in discovering, developing, and deploying my potentials for the glory of Your Name. Lord, in Jesus' Name, destroy every barrier to my possible release.

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