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4 Ways to Hear Your God Without Praying

 One of the most efficient ways to listen to God is through prayer, but there are other ways too. God speaks to his people in different ways and here are 4 ways you can listen to God without praying: 

 1. Read Your Bible 

 The Lord told Joshua in Joshua 1: 8 that God's word was not out of his mouth should avert; that he should meditate on it day and night to thrive. God can speak to you by reading his word. You need to find time to read His Word and meditate on it. 



 2. Remaining in His Presence 


 Samuel was in God's house as a little boy. He worked for God and served Eli the priest faithfully. At that young age, God spoke to him in the middle of the night. I've been in the presence of God and that's the best place to hear from God undisturbed. 

 Read 1 Samuel 3

 3. His Prophets 

 God can also speak to you through His prophets and servants. You don't necessarily have to pray, but if he has something to say to you, he can relate it to his prophets. They are God's mouthpiece and we have to hear and accept their words. 



 4. Dreams and Visions 


 God can also speak to you through dreams and visions. Just as he spoke to Joseph and Mary (Jesus' earthly parents), he can speak to you too. He spoke to the Apostle Paul through a trance and to John the Beloved through a vision. Remember, most of these people did not pray to God before God spoke to them. 


 In summary, prayer is the best way to communicate with God and you need to be motivated at all times, but if you cannot pray, God can still speak to you.

He is the way, truth and life. In him, we are saved.


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Joshua Samuel


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