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Before the smoke of impepho rise make sure you know the following things (opinion)

Remember we exist in 2 forms physically and spiritual form, our spiritual form is connected with the universe, our physical form is connected to dimensions which physical form

As black child there is no way you never heard about communication with ancestors (phahla), the method used for communicate with your ancestors, depends on why you wanted to communicate with your ancestors Your ancestors

Prepare your mind and soul must go together, when you are going to communicate with your ancestors (phahla)

You must be clean atleast four days to five days, you need to be empty on your stomach it good to communicate with your ancestors in the morning

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto, whenever you are communicating with ancestors make sure you know the following things

maternal clan (komalume)

Maternal grandmother ( la kuzalwa khona umkhulu)

Peternal clan (ekhaya kini)

Peternal grand other clan ( la kuzalwa ugogo ozala ubaba)

When you burn impepho becareful of what you're saying when you speak with your ancestors

Because the way you talk with ancestors is the one that will make things to happen or not to happen

According to a research impepho was the first herbs shown to the healers in the past time it is used for ancestors rituals

Impepho also heals many illness

New babies are washed by impepho to cleanse and protect

Smoke is inhaled for heartache

Tea is made from the leaves for fever headache, coughs and flu

Clean liver and kidneys

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )

Peternal Soweto


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