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Popular Prophet and Sangoma Reveals What White People Will do to Black People Very Soon

Being a Prophet or being recognized as one is a very huge case as many people will follow and believe you because you can see the future which normal people cannot see.

In today’s world, the title "prophet" can be a touchy subject. Numerous Christians who hold Pentecostal or attractive beliefs believe that the gift of prophecy and their predictive duty, as stated in Ephesians 4, will continue.

A very renowned popular Prophet has once again revealed to the public and on social media talking about what white people will do to black people very soon.

He said: "White people will bow down to MELANIN people willingly without being told to do it. You'll see. They will eventually accept that we're their makers, for we made them in our own image."

Many are still confused as to why he said that but at the same time, many were happy to hear such words because back in those days, the white people colonized us and made us bow to them and also serve them as slaves.

We do not know when this prophecy will manifest that’s why all we have to do is to wait and watch how it will eventually happen.


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