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It ended in tears for the Islamic guys testing the power of Allah in fire[0]=AZXJ2EkkPejCdoPQUdLBAQfJ8pYFunkmrVZNLWPlKN1JI_KwX8_4HnrePevsad9VgHzawKCKmKYXQrT_5x2ZsL236Od7nVZi5qFQmgLbiegYIYc_aOAGzxneXDzzHKXjAvS3DVOJ7OgzfhDFOCtp7piGgVOgOwg6F0WBZGEMvtGU35HHHMxFPxhG6-9tH5ghHUIzjM5TUCUWf0dDEV3VydLm&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

Religion has become a fun thing, actually it has become the joke of the world. The most powerful religions in this world is Christianity and Islam. Both religions have been so much spoiled because they have both fallen into the hands of man. It is no more God but man in charge, when God was in charge of the church, Ananias and Saphira lied before the Holy Spirit they died on the spot. This day the church or the mosque is no more a sacred place, pastors do and live the worst lifestyle and still stands before the people to talk about God. There is no fear of God anymore, pastors can sleep with woman, scam people in the church with their teams, arrange stage miracles and still preach to the same people who are partners with them in crime.

You would wonder if God is no more holy, you would wonder if God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. It would not surprise me that these guys tried to test God in the fire and they were burnt to death. They have provoked God to anger, God knows what was the intention of them demonstrating that, if they would have succeeded, you would see people fearing them and more woman wanting to sleep with them and probably get some money from it. So most of this gimmicks that are done, God is not involved, they have nothing to do with giving God the glory, it is all about reaching the desires of a man. Don't we ask ourselves what is happening, how did we get here? Some of these things are embarrassing, making a mockery of God to the world and also giving an upper hand to the enemies of divinity.

With all that being said, the owner of the church shall fight for it, is it now a competition between magicians, witches, Moslems and believers. The day the Lord strikes, everyone shall be left with no gimmicks to perform, every one shall be revealed for their fake identities, let us hope that the Lord will not give a judgement without warning them first.

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