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Opinion: The Church of Today is a Mess and Fake.

Church as we know is the place of Worship For Christians and Also a place to seek the face of the GOD almighty in respect to the Most sacred Place in the Church called "Altar".

More also, Christians believe that Church as it is a structure of a building, is most found in the Heart. As some who is dedicated spiritually and physically to the things of GOD selflessly.

The Church as of Old was known for steadfastness, doggedness, Spirituality and sole commitment to the things of GOD. The Disciples according to the scripture embarked on Crusades, Evangelism, Work of Charity, Preached the gospel which was not diluted and performed signs and wonders in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

But it is Pertinent and Appalling to note that the churches of Today has left the first and main Purpose of GOD to the church and pursued the things of the world (Vanity).

The Men of GOD as of the Old were upright and after winning of souls to GOD, but the Men of GOD of today only win souls for their denomination of Church in other lure them into Financing their needs, thereby milking both Poor and Rich hence they live a Luxurious Lifestyles.

Hard as it seems to be and difficult to believe, Most so called Men of GOD are fake and are after making enormous wealth, thereby increasing the numbers of condemned souls for the devil because they've deviated from preaching the Gospel of Salvation of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

These fake so called Men of GOD soil their hands with fetish practices and still places those Hands on people to lay curses on them all in the name of praying for them. The Most Altars found in Churches are made, instituted and dedicated to Occultic Altars and Evil Deities.

I don't want to talk about the Most Men of GOD who live a life of Luxury at the expense of their members, they cruise in They Luxurious Cars, Live in mighty Mansions and fly in their Private Jests.

But considering the Scriptures as it records the Last Days and end time, Christians should be prepared towards rapture. Let's massively preach the Gospel, convert souls towards and preach Salvation, leaving the things of the world relatively to Vanity.

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Remain Blessed, AMEN

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