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God’s eyes is upon his righteousness

Righteousness is the quality or state of being morally correct and justifiable.

It can be considered synonymous with rightness or being upright. It can be found in Indian religions and Abrahamic traditions, among other religions, as a theological concept. 

But in the Bible righteousness is one of the chief attribute of God as portrayed in the Hebrew Bible.

Its chief meaning concerns ethical conduct, for example, Leviticus 19:36; Deuteronomy 25:1; Psalm 1:6; Proverbs 8:20.

In the Book of Job the title character is introduced to us as a person who is perfect in righteousness.

Always we should show kindness towards our fellow people, special those who are in Christ. As we live in a world where people tend to believe that their ways are right in their own eyes, we find it is hard for many to accept the absolute standard of righteousness.

True or false becomes relative, and many believe they can do whatever they think or feel is right even though it is not right before God.

The laws of nature, such as gravity, motion, energy conservation. Are originated by the Creator and reveal that the God of the universe is the God of order in Psalm chapter 33 and 36.

The laws of God, however, do not only comprise the laws of nature. In the Bible, the laws of God are demonstrated in His righteousness, which regulates the God-human relationship as the foundation of the relationship between humans and their neighbours in Psalm 9:8

God’s never let his children to suffer but he always makes a way for them to be safe in him as he is our redeemer.

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