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Sanctuary is a holy place that has got rules and regulations from your ancestors

Sanctuary:the word is now in most people lips these days everyone wants to talk about sanctuaries. I have written about sanctuaries before but i feel there is a need that i again write more about sanctuaries. especially these days where our people are much more aware of sanctuaries.

I started to know about sanctuaries when i was around 5 years. because at my grandmother parents there was sanctuary and my grandfather and mother were strongly following our culture.

I prefer to follow the ways of our forefathers as per what i was taught by them .i know that black people when they want to distort our culture .they say culture evolve.

Forgetting that when something evolve it doesn't loose its skeleton make up or its template. The templete must remain the same because there was a purpose the template was made that way by the ancestors.

Today our culture has been messed up and distorted because of these people who claim culture revolve. yet they dont even know that changing and losing something is not equal to the word revolve.

We are completely losing our culture and most people.even grannies these days are also lost and very ignorant about our culture. yet we keep on saying we are evolving.

The essence of sanctuaries has been lost to our people, the coming generation will find that we have completely lost what is sanctuaries and how sanctuaries must be treated.

When listening even on radios i hear people who claim that they can cleanse and fix sanctuaries for others at a certain price that can go up to even R5000. Its easy to take advantage of people who are ignorant and make money out of them.

Today our people are taken advantage of by even the so called pastors because of ignorance among our people. We are always looking for help somewhere and people are taking advantage because of our ignorance.

People who have never stay in a home but have grown up staying in houses its very difficult for them to understand about sanctuaries because they have never had experience about sanctuaries.

Such people its even easy to play with them claiming your want to fix for them sanctuaries. Our people are paying a lot of money to people who claim they will fix their sanctuaries yet after that there are no results.

There is sanctuaries referring to the place where we communicate with our ancestors. using (incense) and snuff and sometimes the word is used reffering to all our ancestors.

Some people might say your sanctuaries is dirty whiles reffering to the condition between you and your ancestors .

These clearly means there is a place that needs to be established called sanctuaries .as well as there is a relationship that must be fixed between you and your ancestors .so that when you call upon them they will quickly hear you.

Simple means when one have to fix sanctuaries there are few things that needs to be ractified. first it will correction of surname, linking with right ancestors, atonement, cleansing of ancestors, exaltation and building of the place called sanctuaries which will also includes the kraal.

The whole process can be summarized as fixing sanctuaries. The are two important places at home for invoking the ancestors the sanctuaries which is situated in the home and kraal.

I know that people when you talk of kraal they dont seems to know the importance of kraal. Kraal is very important just as the sanctuaries are important.

We indeed still need to fight for land in order to bring back our dignity and culture. There is nothing in culture that goes single that is why we dont have even one God. We have God and Godess. We have King and a Queen. everything goes two by two in Africa.

The thing of single parents was influenced by European its not African at all. We have a place called sanctuaries where female ancestors dwell and we have a place called kraal where male ancestors dwell they don't dwell in one place called sanctuaries all of them.

Most of the time when men speaking to ancestors they are not supposed to go sanctuaries always but to the kraal .

They are supposed to wear a special rope and go and speak to the ancestors in de kraal . There are several rituals that can only be done in a kraal esibayeni not sanctuaries. I remember that i did explained that in my topic where i was writing about what is a home versus a house.

I know that some people will be offended by what im writing because they will try to justify their Township situation but im not writing to please anyone. but i want to write the truth and preserve it for the coming generation.

Home there is only one sanctuaries and one kraal these thing of everyone having his or her own sanctuaries not our culture. maybe its an influence from somewhere.

Especially here in the townships you will find everyone in his or her own corner having her own sanctuary and that is totally wrong.

Sanctuaries must never be in a bedroom under no circumstances remember sanctuary its a holy place. In a home not everyone has a right to go sanctuary or kraal only few chosen have the right to do so.

Those people are the ones who will invoke the ancestors on our behalf where necessary. Sanctuary is different from sacred place these two are not the same at all and sanctuaries cannot be (Consulting room for healers).

A person who is not part of my family has no right to come and talk emsamo at home even if that person is a Sangoma or Inyanga that is not supposed to be done.

But let me end these way to remind others that a man can never fix sanctuary from the mother side and he cannot build kraal at her mother side.

Once you have grown up be a Man enough and redeem yourself from you mother's side if your father did nothing,then Go and build sanctuary at your father side and build kraal at your father side.

Those who want to fix sanctuary want details are free to get in touch so that they can build sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a holy place that has rules and regulations .

in how to handle otherwise you will anger your ancestors and end up saying since i built sanctuary im worse of yet you didn't follow the rules.

Those people who are full of democracy in their head. they want to approach everything with their democratic mind. and also those with Christian mind they want to approach everything with a Christian mind and when they fail they end up blaming culture and ancestors.

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