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Prophetic Prayer Points For The New Week

Father, you are a trustworthy Father. We thank You for giving us the opportunity to be alive, and we exclaim, "All Glory to Your Name in Jesus Name!"

Thank You, Lord, for the previous week and the Testimonies that followed.

In Jesus' name, grant us grace this week to recognize your Presence in everything we do!

In Jesus' name, Father, convert all of our prayer points and requests into witnesses from this new week!

In Jesus' name, may all the letters of joy that have been delayed be released this week.

In Jesus' name, whatever has been causing you to be sad will begin to convert into joy this week.

In Jesus' name, may all seed return with a huge harvest.

In the name of Jesus, let all your celebration pleas to Almighty God be remembered this week.

In Jesus' name, let the unemployed rejoice at their new jobs!

Allow loneliness to delight in their Indescribable Joy!

In Jesus' name, let eligible singles begin to meet their soul mates!

In Jesus' name, let the barren begin to leap for joy right now.

In Jesus' name, grant financial breakthrough to everyone who is trusting You for one this week.

In Jesus' name, let all families that have been attacked by adversaries have complete freedom starting this week!

May God take away whatever is preventing you from testifying this week or this season, in Jesus' Name.

This week's lamentations are gone; enter into your Season of Joy in Jesus' Name.

You are going to testify this week in Jesus' Name, whether your opponents like it or not.

In Jesus' name, Father, may your kingdom come to all nations of the world!

If Jesus does not return, this week will be a week of everyday testimonials for us all, in Jesus' Name!

As you are led, remember to pray for all Ministers God is using, including me.

Thank You, Dear Father, for Hearing and Answering Our Prayers in Jesus' Name!

In Jesus' Name, you are the next to testify!

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