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Proof That RAIN WATER HAS BENEFITS That Really Works.

Royal Greetings Everyone,

Let's talk about rain water today. I'm going to specifically focus on rain water and it's remedies, as for other beneficial uses we will focus on them on other days.

In fact, rain represents the three elements of earth, air and water. 

Rain water is often also utilized for the spiritual purification of items put on the altar. Rain water ater is also utilized to cleanse negative energy from the objects and open it to spirits and ancestors' energies.

If you are looking for guidance from your ancestors or spirits, the water from the rain can clear the air. Before you start, put a glass of rain water on your altar, it helps with connecting and communicating with your ancestors. It can also get rid of bad auras in the air or any interferences and stagnant air. This ensures that you get a clear reading and instructions from your spirit guides.

Rain water also can be utilized as the basis for washing a building, a new car or especially a second hand car for cleansing and blessings.

So for those who have been harvesting rainwater in the rain season like me good for you because here is how you can use it.


It can be used when natural herbs, sage and candles don't work or you don't want to use them for whatever reason.

Pure rain water is the remedy, it's potent for connecting with your guides, strengthening, steaming, bathing, drinking an so forth.em

Rain water on it's own does miracles, so whenever it rains collect some and store them for the above metioned uses.

Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



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