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Learn A Lesson From The Fall Of Sidon

Read: Ezekiel 28:20-26 

Unbelievers' conversions are frequently spontaneous and unannounced, much to the surprise of those around them.

The reason for this is that if you do not honor God and have been repeatedly admonished to repent but refuse to do so, you will be treated as if you are a nobody.

"I will honor those who honor me, but those who treat me unjustly will be little respected, degraded, and disgraced", God declared.

Sidon was one of a group of countries that benefited from God's abundant resources, which placed them in a position where their companies drew a lot of money, but instead of worshipping God, they chose to worship idols in order to offend God. That is why God, who controls over the kingdom of men and gives it to whom He pleases, sent them a message warning of their impending doom.

This is the same message being conveyed to those who have been blessed by God's free grace and mercy, and if you don't use your wealth to glorify God by helping others and serving God, your fall will be like a razor blade line. She was implicated in despising Israel during her captivity, in addition to the above sin of Sidon. This is what we observe today on sinners who laugh at their fellow sinners when they are afflicted with evil.

Because God determines everyone's position and situation, no one should be scorned by his or her peers. God is concerned about everyone, and His eyes are on everyone He has created, and everything is for His glory. Imagine that Israel, who is being severely disciplined in captivity in a foreign place, is promised restitution so that He may be hallowed in the eyes of the Gentiles.

They will live in peace in the land that God has given them.

For you, this is God of Mercy. In Jesus' name, I pray that the Lord God of kindness and mercy restore you to the original purpose for which you were formed, whatever discipline you are currently passing through and whatever evil that has befallen you. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen, may His kindness speak for you, and may God also return to you the years that the locusts and cankerworms ate, as promised to the Israelites, so that those who scorned you may know that God is the Lord your God.

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