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"I'm loosing my patience with pastors calling prayers for Nigeria, we have been praying for 100 yrs

When this guy is saying this, I'm just asking myself a question that, where does the prayers of the church disturb the political leaders from leading Nigeria effectively. Most of these politicians they don't have time for church anyway, while other people are busy praying at church, they're busy squandering money of their own people. So where does prayer disturb the progress of the work that is supposed to be done by political leaders?

This guy is complaining that our churches are full everyday, he said he prefers that at least prayer should be done on a sabbath day, which is one day in a week, Saturday or Sunday, people are busy praying instead of working, "he says".

Where are the political leaders that are attending our churches any way. So the failure of Nigeria should not be pinned on what this guy is saying, it is totally ignorant and ilogical.

Let those that are praying do the praying, and let those that are working in politics, do the politics. Let prayer not fail and let work not fail, in this way everybody does their part without pointing fingers at anybody. Pray your prayer, and let the workers work their work, that's how this thing is supposed to be. So that we can all work in harmony and unity then Nigeria will go forward. What he is saying, is mixing two things that are not related at all.

I am beginning to lose patience with pastors who are calling for more prayers for Nigeria. We have been praying for 100 years. We pray more than Luxembourg, the richest country on Earth. Yes, we should pray. But Nigeria needs more work. Smart work!

Our continent has the largest church auditoria on Earth. This won’t be a problem if they they are only full on one day! But how can churches be full on a week day? Even Christ Himself did not go to Synagogue every day. God only asked for a day (the Sabbath). Other days are devoted to WORK! God said “Six days you shall work”-Exodus 34:21. Work, not prayer, is the source of genuine wealth! No matter how religious a people are, they cant progress by replacing work with prayer. If God blesses prayer without work, then He will Himself be breaking His Word

© Reno Omokri 🖋

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