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VIDEO: see what this Pastor was seen doing to Church members (watch video)

Why are people trying to hand us over to the Antichrist on a silver platter? We live in times when everyone complains about religions, not just Christianity, they cry for Islamic practices, they cry for Hinduism, Buddhism and many others. 

There is only one religion they don't cry for, which is "Illuminati". So the devil wants to hand us over to his power, he uses these people, who are called pastors, to misrepresent the church. 

What's going on here is something out of this world, and the usher actually stands there and watches his pastor whip people with a belt, and some of the people that are there are even older than that person, but he asks her to lie. down to be beaten. 

What could be the reason? What exactly did they do? Is that obedient to the limbs that are lying down? Or why do they lie? What kind of obedience is that? How would they let the pastor spank them like they were his children? 

You know how much brainwashing these pastors are doing to people, it's overwhelming. The reason people are starting to persecute the Church right now is because our people are being exploited. What normal husband or children will leave this pastor after spanking his wives or mothers? 

The time has come when anyone who goes to church will not be able to attend church just because he believes he is being abused. They don't see that they are now fighting God because He is trying to help people not to be abused. but at the same time they get in the way of God. 

They will do this because they think they are doing Africans good when people start saying, "Christianity" is the religion of a white man. As some say, "Jesus" is a white ancestor. So if Christians in Africa continue to do this, they will force hating Africans to see churches in their areas. 

Why do these West African shepherds misrepresent us? Why are Nigerian and Ghanaian herders like this? Most of the horrible taboos we've never seen in Africa come from West Africa. Most of them, if not all, may the Lord have mercy.


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