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Sun Signs In Love – These Signs Make The Best Partner

Here is our list of the best signs to date – they are the relationship queens and kings.

“Is he/she the one?” It is a difficult question. If you are also having sleepless nights thinking whether the person who is texting you for a month is the one or not, well, these lovely butterflies fluttering in your stomach have a lot to say and so has astrology. As far as astrology goes, it is easy to notice basic personality traits of a person based on their sun signs. There are a few signs that make really great friends. Then there are some sun signs that are best to date. Watching these sun signs in love and relationship is a sight to marvel at. 

Each zodiac sign has specific characteristics which define their personalities. Some are silent lovers, others are expressive; some are baffled, while others are sure of their commitment. Everyone has different ways of expressing their love and making their partner feel special. 

Nonetheless, a few zodiac signs have an edge over others when it comes to being the best partner. Their brains are always thinking about making their partner feel special. And their heart is always pounding thinking about their better half. People born under these sun signs are incredibly supportive, understanding and with their own distinctive personality, they become a consistent and most important part of your life. Here is out list of these kings and queens of the relationship world.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)

capricorn sun sign

Under a serious persona, hiding a beautiful heart full of love, Capricorn makes one of the best partners in the world. They may appear a little tough, conservative and opinionated but once you get to know them they are the ball of happiness people crave for. They love spoiling their partners with a lot of care, cuddles, surprises and romantic gifts. For a rom-com fanatic, Capricorn is the best sign to date

They are extremely loyal and responsible. Sometimes, you’ll find them acting so wise like a mature person, and other times their romantic and cool side comes out. They are the kind of partner who will wake you up with a bed-tea and then take you for a romantic dinner at night. With Mr./Ms. Goat, it is impossible to feel monotonous or lonely. They will keep you hooked all the time with their pranks, jokes and plans. 

Time and again you may have arguments with them but you don’t need to worry about him or her having a wandering eye. Capricorn is a great partner that knows how to pamper and take care of their beloved. However, Capricorn partners can be a little uptight at times and therefore you need to tell them to loosen up a bit. 

Taurus (April 19 – May 20)

taurus sun sign

Taurus are sturdy, faithful, loyal and dedicated to their partners. They are everything a person dreams about in a partner. Their constant effort to make the relationship work, wise communication and honest approach easily win hearts and make them the best to date. Most of all, Taureans are said to be the most sensual, charming and romantic partner of all.  

If you are dating a Taurus, you will find yourself in a stable relationship. They will honor you all their life and be proud of having you. These people are far off from drama and clingy non-sense. Therefore, you will never have to feel annoyed or tangled in between their choices. 

Mr./Ms. Bull might have an impulsive reputation however, they are the most easy going people. They are easy to talk to and they like to sort out the things in relationships. These people are also very close to art, beauty, politics, etc. And they make very good listeners. 

Pisces (February 18 – March 20 )

pisces sun sign

Pisces – the ones who will go to any extent just to make their partner happy. All reason aside, these people are extremely adorable. They are the kings/queens of PDA. If you want a partner who would walk hand in hand with you in public, Pisces is the best to date for you. 

Mr./Ms. Fish are all about romance, love and the beauty of life. Their life revolves around their loved ones. Mostly, these people are not ready to leave their shell of comfort. However, if you become a part of their comfort world, they will protect you from all the bad in the world. 

Pisces are balanced and take their role very seriously. They know how to financially secure the household and their future. They don’t make short term plans with their partner. These are the people who only start dating to turn their precious bond with you in marriage and start their family with you. 

Leo (July 22 – August 22)

leo sun sign

People often say Leo is a fiery sign with an impulsive attitude. Bleh!

Leos are ambitious, humorous and charming. They possess an extremely positive vibe which is irresistible. What people talk less about is what an excellent partner Leo would make. 

Leos are not very expressive when it comes to displaying their affection. However, people they love will always know that Mr./Ms. lions are extremely dependable and honest. These people are a great companion to spend your life with. They are extremely supportive and fiercely loyal. If you want to spend your life sailing in a boat full of smiles and laughter, Leo can be a perfect captain for you. Initializing things with them can be a bit tough but once they are by your side, they are not going to leave you ever.

All these amazing qualities also make Leo one of the best to date.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

sagittarius sun sign

Sags are said to be nomads. However, with their independent personality, it is difficult for them to fall in love every now and then. Thus, when they connect with someone, they bond for all life long. 

As a bonus point, Sagittarius are extremely romantic and love planning surprises. They can do anything to make their better half smile. 

Mr./Ms. Sag are endearing and loyal partners. They can be a bit jealous at times but there is nothing that their partner can’t count upon them for. Being in the life of a Sag truly means finding a person with a great heart and soul. They are gentle, humorous and wise. They don’t make hasty decisions. 

Have you ever wondered about fairy tale love stories, where princes or princesses are found? Ah! Then here’s the answer. Sagittarians are dream partners and if you have one, then, you are extremely lucky.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

cancer sun sign

Cancer is a homely, committed and gentle sign. Mr./Ms. Crab is always ready to go out of their way just to be there for the people they love. Family, friends and love mean the world to them. These folks thrive on the contentment of their loved ones. 

Cancerians are the most emotional of all. Thus, they can never think of deceiving their partners. They are very sensitive and have a heart full of love. Mr./Ms. Cancer is a great companion and makes their better half life smooth and gentle. Moreover, the cancer personalities are kind-hearted but you really need to shove them out the door every now and then. They can be a little moody and their partner would have to take care of them equally. 

Love Trumps!

This was our take on signs that are called kings and queens of the relationship universe. 

While astrology can help you see beyond the surface to look at the hidden cherishable traits of different signs, there are many factors that lead to a happy relationship than just courting behavior of each sun sign.

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