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Bible did not condemn women from becoming ministers of the gospel, this is not deception: Opinion[0]=AZUJNlagXVR-0EHerX_zsEP77zaDwnCEqSRtl6V2SVDsf2Ao9kDPbX7a_0iHtV5ptbysyJTwQW1a02ssB2u8c0dlr82Et7HhLKfkqPRuHKX4sWff-n6ZYnJMAEFswOToakghvFQrf5hb9HJ6OsJvV7Kvr3nKxKD7IIT1U6QgTJyShg&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

If a woman managed to carry a baby for nine months and delivered that baby into this, what stops her from telling the same child about God. I think the ego of man is being over emphasized, to see man oppressing woman in church like as if when it comes to salvation man were saved with a different blood, different Jesus or different spirit. The spirit that convinces people to be saved, the spirit that gives birth to people spiritually, the spirit that transforms people, it is not male nor female, it is just the spirit of God.

The image of God in man and a woman takes the form of a son, the bible says, "we are being conformed to the image and the likeness of His dear son Jesus, that make both and woman to be addressed as sons, so I see no need for woman to be condemned, when we are born again, we are all sons of God, physical gender does not apply anymore, we take one identity through the blood of Jesus and the spirit of God. If all in the family, in the house of God and in His presence are sons, we must both take responsibilities of sons, we do what sons do. So woman must minister.

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