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Ancestors are the base of your calling

You pray hard,communicate with your ancestors hard and you ask bad lucks, bad energies, bad spirits to move away from you.

But when your friends turn away from you, you cry, blame yourselves, your angels, your Ancestors. You are not serious healers.

You can not be running after a man/woman who is showing you the bad energies they're implying in your life. I refuse.

Especially when you have a calling.holy spirit won't be one with a person who still questions the request they ask to their guides when they manifest. 

It's sad having to see tge healers running after relationships that are 6 feet under. It's sad and I'm hurt. Because you are busy lighting a white candle to purify your spirits and lives but yet you want to hold on to the negativities that are around you. 

That's where you blame God and your Ancestors for not delivering your requests. because it's like you are basically telling them how everything about you should be. You are called healers here in this world. You did not call yourself

Your Ancestors are the base not the source of a calling so God as he comes first, you have to be conductive and live accordingly. 

If he beats you, healers what are you telling your Ancestors that are giving you a powerstand?

If she cheats continually healers what are you telling your Ancestors? Who gave you the individuality? So you are saying no you can' can't be alone for a time as to can focus on yourself? 

I'm sorry to sound a bit harsh/offensive but I'm burning inside me 😭. It hurts the healers.

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