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Quran Does Not Sanction The Casting Out Of Devils, It Is A Superstition Some People Have

Sheikh Gumi, a well-known Nigerian Islamic theologian, claims that the Quran forbids the casting out of demons.

Sheikh Gumi recently spoke with Emina Cerimovic, a Disability Rights Department researcher, on mental health issues from an Islamic perspective.

To find out Gumi's thoughts on tying, chaining, and dazzling someone with mental illness, Emina Cerimovic interviewed her. According to Gumi's answer to the question, modern psychiatric practice for dealing with this type of illness is 100 percent Islamic because it is based on statistics and observation. He went on to denounce the conduct, saying that it was crude, barbaric, and unscientific since Islam, he stated, does not believe in such things.

Gumi went on to say that the Quran refutes the idea of demonic possession. As he cites the Quran, the "devil" has no demonic authority over anyone, according to him. He argued that the idea that the Bible is replete with instances of Jesus casting out demons is a misunderstanding borne of a specific theology.

He went on to say that the Quran has nothing to do with Jesus casting out demons, calling it a "superstition" held by some. If it was so significant and true, it shouldn't have been excluded from the Quran, according to some scholars.

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