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Makandiwa's occultic origin exposed as he allegedly reported to be a niece to Tsikamutanda.

I've visible human beings accusing prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for the usage of depraved powers, however this one is certainly one of its very own. This is just out of this global. As we know that the prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa is a from Muzarabani, an area wherein Tsikamutanda himself is coming from.

his guy Tsikamutanda for folks that don't know him, he's one of the maximum effective traditional witch physician in Zimbabwe. He used to transport from village to village managing witches, in particular maximum of the humans they understand him because he became coping with handiest witchcraft within the villages.

e would include a unique rod, a person could be asked to step on it or a line drawn by it and if you are a witch, you'll start to burn and confessed the entirety which you have finished.

The humans which you have a killed and bewitched it'll all come out. So this guy was known as even by way of herdsman and Chiefs in exclusive villages, or special districts. They would ask him to render his service of getting rid of witchcraft from the place. So we recognize the he is coming from the identical place in which prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa became born, but then reviews are popping out such as you see below that, he is the uncle to prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

It can be authentic, it additionally could be a lie, but whichever it's far, that does not mean that prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa's electricity got here from his alleged uncle even if they're related.

I do not suppose that it's miles enough evidence to implicate the person of God that, his power is not from God. I don't assume this is sufficient proof to implicate prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and labelling him as a local physician and not a prophet.

This guy that is reporting stated, they'd one-on-one with this unique witch-medical doctor who's now serving his sentence in prison. He told him approximately his alleged niece prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa that he has began a church, and the alleged uncle responded again saying, "how does he begin a church because he is a native doctor. He had only a rebrands but he's a local doctor.

So it seems like he explained how he Makandiwa has started and how he deliberate to rebrand to a church, so he can loot lots of cash from the people. So in an actual effect consistent with him it became by no means approximately serving God, it became all approximately having greater methods to make cash.

Let's pray for the servants of God, the devil is all out together with his humans looking to break them. Actually the satan isn't always towards them, he is against the church, giving us over to be persecuted, might also the Lord assist us.

Exposing Makandiwa’s Occultic Origins (ep fifty eight)

Before following those prophets please take a look at their history facts - wherein they may be coming from and the way they commenced, do not be fooled by using the eloquent speeches and fancy fits its all just a cover , maximum of you are in occultic church buildings and you don’t even realize.

Everyone started knowing Makandiwa from the AFM era but.

The guy that is aware of Makandiwa’s authentic records is in Chikurubi Maximum Prison "his uncle" and he's nonetheless in disbelief proper now while people tell him that Benji Bvudzijena who now has rebranded to " Emmanuel Makandiwa" is doing church things.

No one knows approximately this part of the history besides the uncle that is nonetheless in prison..Don’t be shocked if that uncle will be terminated after this publish. 

Makandiwa and his uncle commenced off as “Tsikamutanda’s” and before going to Muzarabani his major base of operations was in Masvingo..Via then his exchange name turned into Benji Bvudzijena.

Makandiwa I N’anga Zvayo, first diploma...Christianity was only a manner of him rebranding in order that he can loot extra money from the contemporary day spiritual clients...Back then him and his uncle used to get paid with live stock after performing rituals.

Makandiwa’s transition from his Tsikamutanda’s exercise changed into just a manner to amplify his scope of ritualistic practices.

UFIC participants please don’t be adamant, discharge yourselves from the spells of Benji Bvudzijena, you have all been initiated and you are unaware. 

You will think that is a conspiracy theory, but this statistics is first hand and really accurate from a totally near supply that I cannot mention..The source desires to depart the church also but he/she fears for his/her lifestyles.

Makandiwa is the most depraved and heartless soul that lives in this earth...I realize when his leadership will query him approximately this tale he will say the uncle is mentally disturbed 😬



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