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Says these shirt prayers before you go to bed tonight

For the sake of the Father and of the child and of the Essence of God. Most brilliant Father, our ruler and our God, thank you father for your steadfastness upon our lives. Be thou lifted up in Jesus name. 

- Heavenly Father thank you for seeing us through our exercises of today. We thank you for the victories we recorded today. Father for those objectives we were unable to accomplish today, we supplicate tomorrow will be a superior day for us all, in Jesus name. 

- Father here we are this evening, introducing our positive hearts wants to you. Father in name award us our heart wants, in Jesus name. 

- Abba Father we are submitting the debilitated individuals into your capable hands this evening. Father we petition God for a heavenly mending upon their lives. In your name we render each type of ilment feeble in our bodies, in Jesus name. 

- Father we are petitioning God for those of us encountering troubles and difficulties throughout everyday life. Father ease the aggravation inside our heart and visit us with harmony around evening time, in Jesus name. 

- Father as we are going to resign to our beds around evening time. Father favor us with a tranquil night rest and safeguard us from each malevolent, in Jesus name. 

- Almighty Father, in our name we invalidate the force of every one of those executing evil in this country, particularly around evening time: Arm looters, hijackers and criminals. Father may they fine no harmony until they change from their insidious behavior, in Jesus name. 

- Father we implore as we rest around evening time, we will awaken to extraordinary news that will transform ourselves to improve things, in Jesus name. We make our supplications, for the sake of the dad and of the child and of the Essence of God. 

Pronounce these petitions upon yourself by remarking with 'So be it'.

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