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God Will Always Be There For You No Matter What

The truth is that such a term is needed at times in our lives and even in our spiritual walk. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone. You may ask Why?

This is due to the fact that discouragement is a negative trait shared by all males.

Whether it is addressed to an unbeliever or a believer; a layperson or a clergyman; a poor man or a rich man; the low or the lofty; the governed or the ruler; and so on.

Even Jesus, during His earthly existence, displayed signs of discouragement. Matthew 23:37-39 and Matthew 26:36-46 are two of the most important passages in the Bible.

As a result, today's messages from God will reassure us of His Divine support.

It's crucial for us to understand this because whenever discouragement sets in, we're usually on the verge of achieving a major win.

Elijah was poised to achieve absolute victory over Baal (I Kings 19:1-4). Jezebel would have replaced Elijah's priests and prophets of Baal after he fled.

"Let nobody's heart fail because of him..." David said to King Saul and the Israelites in I Samuel 17:32. Everyone's heart should fail in the normal course of events. But for God's help, which David was well aware of. What a glorious day for the Israelites!

Don't let your heart fail (call your name and speak to yourself).

"Fear not, stand still, and watch the Lord's mercy...", Moses exclaimed in Exodus 14:13. There should be chaos in this situation.

But for Moses' divine support, which he was well aware of. What a glorious day for the Israelites!

Caleb and Joshua calmed the people in Numbers 14: 6-9, saying: "The people will be our prey._ _Their protection has been taken away..."

God was with them, the two realized. What a triumph for the entire church, but only for these two individuals? Brethren, You should not be scared... You have God's blessing.

Yours is the land. Today, I wish you to be uplifted. God promises to be your true ally. In Jesus' powerful name, Amen, so shall your testimony be.

During the dry season, we used to have a problem getting water since shallow wells would dry up, which I recall from my secondary school days. To get water, we had to travel a long distance to a deep well. When we returned, however, it was usually a painful experience because adults might take our water without our consent. Thank God for The man who always came to our aid and supported us.

I pray that the Almighty Father would support you in all of your personal and family endeavors. In Jesus' name, may you return home rejoicing during all of your harvest seasons and times.

"Who is it that decrees a thing when the Lord has not commanded it?" says the prophet Jeremiah in Lamentation 3:37-38. Such privilege is reserved for God's children, according to the Bible.

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