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Importance of accepting your calling or spiritual gift

When one has a calling/called, they need to understand what they are called for. If you are called to heal or for a greater purpose in your life and to fix generational curses.

You gonna be sick 🤒 most of the time. The moment you go to a healer or prophet for healing ❤️‍🩹, obviously you walk with your ancestors (weather you like it or not 😂).

Some healers already see a price tag 🏷 on you, they say you should initiate and start installing fear in you fall into their trap . instead of understanding your calling ☎️ and guiding you accordingly 🙏🏿.

1. You can be sick because ancestors wanna connect with you but you don’t understand them, now you have constant headaches, heavy shoulders, your back hurts, your feet get swollen/hot etc.

Before you go initiates, try to understand what your ancestors want from you. Cleanse, pray and communicate with your ancestors on a regular to draw your ancestors closer to you.

Do certain rituals to call your ancestors so they guide you accordingly before showing you the person that needs to initiate you.

2. Some are not shown where to go because anvestors wanna grow you first so you know why you are called.Who are you initiate for etc, pay attention 👏🏿👏🏿. Ask your ancestors for direction and they will gladly do so.

3. Some of your family members died initiation school and they haven’t completed certain rituals now you are called to complete the ritual of the deceased thus healing that person.

Then you can carry on with your life but you will be blessed accordingly for what you did. You’ll find out you have to build an sacred place and have certain herbs in there for some day.

someone will come needing your assistance and healing and that consulting place you built will be for one of your kids who will be called to be a full time healer.

now they find everything in order for them to work ☺️. Understand your calling .👏🏿👏🏿

4. You can be called so that you fix your ancestors and initiates to be a prophet/prophetess but you’ll find out that you are meant to be a comedian, a motivational speaker, A musician/Dj etc.

through your words, music, laughter etc people find healing. You do not need a consulting room, just a place/room where you can put your church attires, cloths etc and pray there without anyone passing. 🙏🏿

5. There are those who are called to be traditional healer, those who will drink and do rituals, use bones, carry whiskers etc.

There are ancestors who specialize in sickness but the cannot go beyond seeing more than that. Just like in the medical profession, You have different types of doctors 🥼 (Dentists, gynaecologists, paediatricians etc).     

7. There are also Self taught healers , these are initiated by their ancestors because their ancestors never initiates. if you are lead by this types of ancestors ancient ancestors.

There will be a time whereby you feel stuck in your journey, that’s where you need assistance from an outside source for you to pass a certain milestone/obstacles set by your ancestors (basically assisting you in your Path).

The person who is assisting you will not be your Gobela but someone your ancestors chose for you to pass that particular stage.

Why as blacks we can differentiate other professions (Engineers, Teachers, Doctors, Mechanics etc) but we can’t differentiate our own Traditional professions? 🥺😢 

There’s a lot to spirituality than we know and there’s a lot more information than what I have shared based on my understanding 👏🏿.

These are are ancestors sickness guys embedded in a song, this song has been there for generations. 🤣😂👏🏿👏🏿

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