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What's The Purpose Of life?? Here's The Most Detailed Explanation

Life on its own has no purpose, nor direction, it's our duty as humans to give our own life a purpose and direction.

Life can be defined as the continuous process that sustain itself through all living organisms, all the living comes and go, from plants, animals to mankind.

But life remains, and keeps going on.

I believe by now it's a public knowledge that mankind has a limited life, and how long an individual can survive is now unknown, as the way of living has changed in a way that possibilities of dying are no longer limited on natural causes such as diseases, or being eaten by wildlife predators.

We may die from ancient ways of dying [natural causes], various kinds of accidents [manmade ], our own actions, or that of others.

How does one give purpose to life?

We live in a complex, and diverse world.

And depending on our origin of birth, there are things that catches our attention as we grow older, things that we may find pleasure doing them, things we can't voluntarily go a day without thinking of doing, and that's what we call passion.

Cnsidering that we live in a world where we don't have much control over anything, except ourselves. 

Once we locate our passion, we must find means to link it with the world we live in today for our own survival, and those in our surroundings.

And when we speak of today's world, we speak the money language as everything revolves around money.

From our passion, it's where we discover careers that are realistic, and even those that may seem impossible before the eye of the world , until it's achieved [take landing on Mars for example].

When discovering our passions, and following careers, it's advisable to follow what's compatible with modernity to avoid dissapointment in the long run.

A purposeful life is a memorable life, today we learn of varios historic figures from singers, writers, actors, politicians and "other's".

The reason why historic figures such as Robert Sebokwe, Robert Mugabe, Patrice Lumumba, Stalin, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Shaka Zulu, Queen Modjadji Senesa Pula, Bin Laden, Nelson Mandela, Saddam Hussein, Maummar Gaddafi, Leopold, Abbuba Shekau, Tupac, Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brenda Fassie, Franklin Benjamin, Steve Biko, Steve Jobs, Joe Slovo, Jan Van Riebeeck, and all those who have walked this land, and passed on have fulfilled their purpose in life, for their names to be forever be eched in our memories.

How we think of them doesn't make any difference, our duty is to learn about them to make a world a better place for ourselves without repeating the past mistakes.


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