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OPINION| The Zanu Pf regime has run out of options

Remember Mnangagwa’s Bishops who went to Britain to lobby the Anglican Church on sanctions ? This is how the The Herald-Zimbabwe reported on that meeting, I have always said that ZANUPF was never ready for social media because it hires thoroughly incompetent people like Nick Mangwana, and George Charamba to do its communications. They are still stuck in the 1980s propaganda hence this Grade Zero propaganda. I feel pity and angry with youth who still follow and support this evil regime, technology is the worst thing to ever happen to zanu pf and its maroons. In any case who in their normal sense still read the herald newspaper as a source of information, just wondering

In all honest, Andrew Wutaunesu is a sycophant he pretend as if he is concerned about the Zim situation but figuratively he is after gaining more favors from the setting President. However, the response he got reflect that he is a blusterer. These guys should stop making a fool of themselves and do what is right, Zanu pf knows what needs to be done for the targeted sanctions to be removed. I don’t think what they are being asked to do will need any money at all, the response by the Bishop of Canterbury was classic. Those Zanu conman who hides behind the bible do not tell ED the truth, they are gullible and directly benefiting from the status quo, yet believe that they can go and convince and feed the Britons with their toxic propaganda, shame on themThese guys as they are bishops internally are politicians, their agenda is pointless how can you ask for removal of targeted sanctions to individuals claiming that they are are affecting poor citizens, but those bishops knows that Zanupf is oppressing the citizens of Zimbabwe through looting of direct funds to public, the same bishop witnesses the many atrocities committed by Zanupf against opposition, the same bishops witness killing of citizens on the streets in August 2018 among them no one condemn the action of Zanupf today they board a plane to Britain for removal of sanctions

One thing I like by British is that they are architectural of every political movement in the world this bad bishop, thinks what Zanupf did to opposition since 2008 till today as bad bishop they managed to convince Britain to remove sanctions, the good answer about them is already on table is come back and tell Zanupf to start respect human rights, and arrest those looting government money and start what ZIDERA commission said

Even in the Bible those types of prophets were gathered at the royal courts to speak what pleased the corrupt Kings, while true prophets were persecuted for speaking the truth. However it always ended in total disaster for both the fake prophets and the corrupt Kings, It is also important to note that the UK doesn’t have economic sanctions on Zimbabwe anymore, except on certain corrupt individuals, so on whose behalf were the Bishops pleading, because it certainly wasn’t for the poor? The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury saw through the lies and delivered a TKO blow on the regime Bishops

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