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The public is demanding justice for pastor Mukhuba

28 of February 2021 is one of the day that will go down in the history of the South African Christianity. On this day we saw the South African Police and the Metro Police entering a church and and they started shooting at congregants all in the name of breaking Covid-19 regulations.

Pastor Mukhubo's church was targeted and one can not help but think that maybe it was targeted because it is owned by a woman. We know that women are a target in this country, and in this women month, we do not see anything that can make us celebrate women's months.

Friday 27 August is the 7th court appearance of pastor Mukhubo at the Protea Magistrate Court. Christianity in this country is under attack.

On a daily basis we see large gatherings that are operating under hard lockdowns and nothing is happening to those people. Politicians do as they please in this country. We saw ANC members holding large gatherings. We also saw how the EFF used to hold marches that were attended by thousand of people, and even today nothing has happened to those people, but peopel who who are being treated as crimis for praying. Our government is really failing us.

Poor people is South Africa are not protected either by law or the police. Our laws only exist on paper. The real criminals are allowed to roam the street in our communities without any fear.

We also know that churches have been complaining about the rational behind allowing only 50 people in a church, while you can find that malls are packed to full capacity. When it come to church, the says only 50 people in a place that can accommodate thousand of people. We saw church leaders even marching to the union building as they demand that chuchres should be treated like any other organizations. Rules that applies to the churches should apply to the rest.

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