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Divorce Affair

Wake Up Every Day And Pray, " Father, Thank You For The Spouse You Gave Me "

Wake up every day and pray, "Father, thank You for the spouse you gave me. I know he/she is not perfect but regardless of his/her many faults and weaknesses, I choose to be grateful and not complain. I know that my spouse is your child and I choose to love him/her for who he/she is not for who I want him/her to be. I will not seek to change him/her but to be the change that I desire in my marriage.

Help me to love and serve him/her unconditionally. Draw him/her closer to you and have your way in his/her life. Forgive his/her sins and bless him/her with the desire for righteousness and a hunger for your word. May your holy angels protect him/her, may your spirit fill him/her, and may your presence surround him/her daily. In Jesus’ name. Amen!"

Perfect, just perfect. But how many partners are doing it faithfully? Lord please intervene in your children's homes and marriages in Jesus name. Amen, Indeed the best thing we can do for our spouses is to pray for them. O'Lord that you bless my lovely hubby, direct his steps and give him the desire of his heart.

Always remember the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ about sexually filthy whores and their own personal choice of sexual behavior and number of different sex partners (spouses)

DIVORCE + remarriage = sexually filthy ADULTERY

Remember, the devil has BILLIONS of "excuses" for you to do his will and follow his plan for covenant, one flesh marriages and innocent little children's true God-given family,Individual sexual behavior is a deeply personal choice that powerfully reveals the true character and eternal authenticity of the individual. It has NOTHING at all to do with their former, covenant spouse.

I have really gotten good at this throughout the years. We are comfortable and our marriage is great because we shut the door on the world in our marriage and keep it as private as humanly possible. We realize our marriage is exactly that OUR marriage. We take ownership of our relationship.

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