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Mzansi Please Pray For Bishop Makamu. He's Heart Broken As His Past Has Come Back To Hunt Him

Mzansi Please Pray For Bishop Makamu He's Heart Broken As His Past Has Come Back To Hunt Him

Mzansi has been sending their warm massages to Bishop Makamu in his page. This come after he took it to page where he asked his fans the year which they once feel so much pain which is hard to forget.

It seems like the Reatsotela hoster us still so much pain about what happen last. The Bishop could no longer hold his pain and it seems like his past has came back to hurt him. With caption:

"Which Year did you feel so much pain and you can't even forget? 😭💔".

With the pictures he put in his oagenit clear that regret what he did although although not say it out but it clear that he still think about this year as one if the worst year he ever come to experience. Bishop Makamu is one of Bishop is most loved and respected by many in the country he had many followers that looked up for him.

The allegations that claim that called a young girl from his church and ask for sex really did broke him hard. The allegations nearly terminated his name together with his marriage. Inrember this images are the oncenwhich he once posted after the record brokes the internet. It was Sunday service after the accident where he went in front of the church as ask for forgiveness to his wife in national TV.

It then layer on where we heard that there are other woman's who went to open a case of harassment and he was then arrested. It truebwjne he said he had a rough year this year. He was fortunate and lucky enough when state has withdrawn the prosecution of Bishop Israel Makamu on sexual assault charges after the complainant filed a withdrawal statement. Makamu was arrested on May 26 after a former employee of his church laid a complaint of sexual assault with the Brackendowns police station a week earlier, on May.

This is a proof that there are some years when we look back we recall the things that happened that broke our hearts in different ways. His fans have responded with different stories remembering those years that once broke their hearts.

Let's support Bishop Makamu if you love him let's support him by commenting the things and authentic years that once brokenyour heart. He will appreciate to have support from us.

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