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"If I block you, you will be cursed for life" claims prophet who saw Shona Ferguson's death coming

"If I block you, you will be cursed for life" claims prophet who saw Shona Ferguson's death coming

Since coming out as a man with a third eye and this generation's chosen one, @Rhadebelihle continues making waves on social media. His social media recognition began when he prophecied Shona Ferguson dying and the prophecy coming to be! Since then, people take what he says with conviction! Most ask questions about enlightenment and even ask for blessings pertaining employment and other areas!

When he started out with his journey of seeking to enlighten people, most were grateful that they now have an encyclopedia of knowledge that will enlighten us while uniting black people! For some time, this was right as his posts did dwell on noticing things we take for granted and just being intact with your spiritual self!

This morning though, he left people stunned with his post! He claimed that if he blocks you, you will be doomed for the rest of your life! Tweeps didn't take too well to this because it appears as though he is growing arrogant and seeing himself as a controller of life itself!

The tweet read "If I block you from my Twitter account. Nothing good will ever come to you in your life. Am telling you. Your life will be very terrible for eternity. So am warning you, you think am holy Christ Almighty. I'll show you flames. Am not here to play around.🌞🧘❤"

More than anything, this sounded like a threat that if we ever cross him or even do as much as upset him so much that he pressed the block button, we are as good as zombies with no hope!

Smelling the arrogance, a few tweeps dared him to block them because they are tired of being held hostage by him! Even more, they made it known that they are not related to him so he doesn't control their destinies! To show that he's not playing games, he retweeted one person's comment and dared him curse his picture and see what happens!

Those with an assumed power were in support of his statement; claiming that some people awaken a dark spirit in you and deserve to be dealt with! Others, on the other hand, just questioned him of being a wizard if he'll doom people he blocks!

Mos wena you are bewitching us 👀💔

So you're threatening people?

And you are in control of everything?

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