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Etv morning news today on the Jah Rastafarian show maybe misleading Info on religion: Opinion

Let us all remember that these are the last days where people are given an opportunity to say whatsoever that they want to say about themselves, or what they believe. Whether it is and information that is misleading, an information that may mislead, nobody care.

A lot of people on what they believe nobody checks or verify the authenticity of what is being said about religion today. There is a religious battle that is going on. It is just that to my surprise, a lot of these religions they claim to know God better than the other religions, and in their explanation about what they believe in, you may realise that they have a manipulating way of involving Jesus, but they've got a different name that they are calling him.

Some they would be calling him prophet Isa and in this instance they call him Jah. So it is very easy for people to be misled as you can read on the comments section there, you can see that someone is saying, what these guys have said has made him to question his religion.

I don't know which religion is he talking about, but it could be Christianity, because you know that most of the people that are in Christianity are very easy to be misled, especially after the scandals that are happening with the men of god and the church. They could be easily taken away by the devil. It is just he found them vulnerable, I think this is what the devil wants to achieve by the confusion that is in the church, he wants to make sure that the people in church are wounded, he wants to make sure that the people in churches don't have any belief in God that is left in them.

Through the behaviour of the false prophets on woman, money and power, the devil wants to achieve that, using these as a lethal weapon. This is so that when he brings something new that you were not aware of, just like in this scenario, you can be easily taking away. The Bible says, "we are aware of the tricks of the devil! He also says, "the Apostle Paul" let us be ankered in faith, so that we may not be taken to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

People need to be careful, there are so many kinds of doctrines about religions that are flying out there, but if you are not strong in what you believe in, you will be easily consumed.

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