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Back To The Sender Testimony| The Enemy Who Wanted Her To Suffer Is Now Suffering

There is a good chance that you have heard the words "back to the sender". This word is used by a lot of Pastors and Prophets when they are praying for someone or even themselves. It is also used by many random people when they pray, I guess they are inspired by their Church leaders. However, this term is not only used in church, even traditional healers use it. There are many ways in which "back to the sender" can be performed, I have already talked about praying, but that is not the only method. "Back to the sender" can also be done by performing rituals. There are many ways in which these rituals can be performed and there are also many types of these rituals

In this article, we will be talking about one "back to the sender" ritual which a certain person has performed and saw some results. According to this person, the materials, or ingredients which were used to perform this ritual are as follows

- Red "Vimbela"

- White candle

- Red Candle

- Needles

According to the person who shared the testimony, she sticked needles on the white candle and applied the red "Vimbela" on the red candle. She mentioned that she was doing this for three days, and from her statement, I can assume that she was also doing some sort of a prayer. She mentioned that she saw a coffin when she was praying, of which we can assume it was a version of a funeral. In this ritual and prayer, the lady was also including her mother to help her fight her enemies.

After performing this ritual, she got a message from home and they told her that one of her mothers neighbor is sick and that they are accusing her mother of witchcraft. After getting this massage, she suspected that maybe her neighbor was trying to kill her mother since she dreamed about a coffin, and if that's the case, whatever they were planning to do to her mother is going to happen to them


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