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Prayer and Praises: powerful weapon to fight and win any battle

Learn to Pray and Praise your way out any Life’s Problems

Yes, in this life we will face many problems and challenges, even Jesus confirmed it to his disciples before he left the world and those words are relevant to us today. But Jesus did not leave his disciples and us alone without help. In fact, he left us with words of assurance saying we should be of good cheer because he has overcome the world.

We have victory already paid for, but we need to show up to claim it. Yet, it requires something from us. Prayer and praises are combined tool and weapon for victory in times of trouble and danger. It attracts heaven’s attention.

Consider example of Shadrach, Meshach and Abdnego in the Babylonian furnace of fire in the book of Daniel. They had been thrown inside the fire by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. But the young Jewish men did not fear for their lives, they prayed in the fire and praised their Jehovah. Their prayers and praises were so intense that even Jehovah sent a representative of heaven to join them in the praise jamboree. The fire that was meant to consume them saved them and led to conversion of the king and many of his subjects.

Another great example of power of prayer and praises in the face of adversity is that King Jehoshaphat in 2 Kings 25. The king had been threatened with wars from a formidable army, but he was encouraged to take up weapon of praises. Rather than crying, the king organized the temple music ministers and music was taken to war front. The Isreali army sang their way to war and God used their praises to scare away their enemies.

Praises work if you can engage it without worrying about your problems. Sometimes, you need to turn your prayer to praises. In fact praises is another form of prayer.

Another example is that of Paul and Silas, who sang their way through locks and chains in their hands and feet in the prison. They sang until the prison shook to their foundation and the gates opened by itself. Praises are powerful; it opens door when you do it deep from your heart to God’s glory.

Learn to engage in praying and praising regularly and watch God steps into your situation.

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