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2021 Local Governments Elections, ANC Seems To Be Making A Firm Statement, What Does this mean?

There is nothing more important than change, when there is no change in current circumstances and this mean that Voting can make great impact when you seek to see change.

Many political parties have promised us South Africans a better place for all, a place with equal opportunities for all people of South Africa no matter their race. They have promised better roofs over heads but many of us still rush with buckets when its raining to catch drops from wetting our beds. We cramped in flats that do not allow us to have bigger houses.

Education is poor, amd some people cannot even access it. Jobs are a lifetime story that we all know about, they are scarce.

Yet we vote. If you don't, they say your vote will fall into the leading parties percentage. This means even you didn't go to vote, is the same as if you did.

The 2021 elections have brought many speculations as we are still under lockdown. We saw cases dropping as soon as the elections date approached. We saw alert level 1 for the first time in many months of this pandemic.

What does this mean to us, is the Government fooling us only to benefit and satisfy their lousy self-esteem?

This brings us thewhat we all wanted to see, corruption falling in front of us because of our (x), however it seems as if we are still going to be stuck in the same place of poverty, corruption and unemployment only because the leading party in most places of South Africa is the one that we are complaining about. The ANC.

Many political parties have tried exposing ANC and the corruption that is within it and many South African people saw the truth they all wanted to see, many of them said they want no more, but the results are talking something different.

This means people have not had enough of Corruption within our Government, but also this means black people are not willingto give away the legacy that they came far with. They are not prepared to give DA nor EFF that chance.

DA seems to be dominating the Western Cape as the counting is not yet down, but this is obvious to many as many people is Western Cape are White people.

This gives DA that advantage and for the rest of the Country or most of it. ANC is making a makong a firm statement.

It is fair to say Black people will the forget the party that stepped with them in freedom after apartheid.

However, what does this mean for our future and that of the next generation?

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