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VIP Units Of Top Officials Threaten To Strike If Salaries Are Not Increased

VIP units threaten to strike, this is definitely something that a lot of people do not agree with and obviously they want the situation to change because it has gotten to such an extreme where they want more money.

However what makes us wonder is that the president as well as other officials are getting a lot of benefits from this system, apparently they are paid a lot of money so it doesn't make sense that this is even going on.

It's also very surprising that the top officials have had their salaries increased about three times already, but the VIP security has not been honoured with any kind of increases.

You can understand that they perhaps feel a little bit like their positions are not being appreciated by the officials, and they only want the right thing to be done so that they can be able to also make some money.

Ministers, deputy ministers, premiers and MECs could be without protection at certain times as the police refuse to pay VIP protection unit staff for working overtime. So if the individuals managed to protest the top officials as well as their family members are going to find themselves at a little bit of a tough position, because they won’t be guarded by these people.

That is something that will create a problem for them so we know that they’re going to honour this thing very quickly, unlike when the ordinary members of the public's lives are at stake. Whereby their problems are not being addressed, this incident is surely going to get resolved very quickly because then it is the safety and security of the top officials who ended up in this situation.

This has obviously been a long time coming and the fact that it is happening now is only surprising, because it could have happened a long time ago but we understand that such things are quite common.

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