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A bodyguard hired to POISON J Zuma through his favorite snack & drink ended up doing the unthinkable

Secrets are slowly being revealed. Nothing can be kept secret indefinitely. There's always a way for a secret to find its way out. South Africa has become enraged and resentful as a result of Jacob Zuma's imprisonment. The majority of South Africans have turned their backs on the government, the judiciary, and the authorities. Jacob Zuma has been on the run for a long time, and he just admitted to having poison in his system.

South Africans are learning that being a politician puts one's life in jeopardy. There is always a struggle for power, and there are always those who are thirsty for more. A presidency, for example, comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of opponents. When you are the leader of a country, it is nearly impossible for everyone to like you. Opposition parties will try everything they can to derail your motion. You must be brave and stand your ground as a leader. Jacob Zuma, who was wrongfully imprisoned, is an example of this.

We can now confirm that Jacob Zuma has suffered serious injuries as a result of a botched assassination attempt by close allies. He was a lucky president because the people hired to assassinate him failed to complete their maneuvers on multiple occasions due to loyalty and faithfulness. There is just one reason why Jacob Zuma wanted to be killed: jealousy and a desire for power. He was brave and powerful in the face of poisoning. It's also possible to assume that his adversaries won this struggle because he's been imprisoned for the first time since apartheid ended.

It has been claimed that Jacob Zuma's security guard has been recruited to assassinate him with poison. This poison was supposed to be poured into his favorite drink and food. Unfortunately, his security came to his senses, and I informed Jacob Zuma that there are individuals out there who want him dead. Such commitment is uncommon these days, and Jacob Zuma was extremely fortunate to have a bodyguard with such a strong sense of humanity. Jacob Zuma, on the other hand, must take care of himself, particularly whether he is in hospital or in prison. He is no longer in a position where he can eat or drink whatever is brought to him.


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